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What You Must Know about Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a form of sleeping disorder that can be observed by having pauses in breathing while the person who has this is sleeping. Each episode causes a person to miss out one or more breaths and may repeat continuously throughout their sleep. The fact that this causes you to stop breathing even for short periods of time means that this can be dangerous. This disorder poses a great risk to your health if you will not act in order to improve your condition.

More about the Disorder

There are two kinds of this sleeping disorder that are known as obstructive and central. The obstructive kind is when you feel like something is blocking your throat as you sleep that is why you stop breathing. The central kind refers to the act of your brain as it send the wrong signal to the muscles of your body that causes you to lack sleep and feel restless all along.

The most obvious symptom of this disorder is the sound of the sufferer's snore. Instead of the usual and more common kind that most people create as sounds of their snore, you will hear something that sounds more of a grunt. Aside from the snore, you will stop breathing for short periods of time as you sleep through the night of you have this disorder. You will also suffer from morning headaches because you are not getting proper amount of rest. Other symptoms include urinating often at night, getting mood swings, dry mouth, impotence for men and depression. As a result of your sleeping patterns, you will feel tired and sleepy during the day.

Be Alert

The first thing that you need to do at this case is to accept the fact that you have this sickness. This is the only way for you to detect the causes of such disorder and you can start finding solutions to the problem. You must not take this lightly even if you are still able to sleep even if you are no longer getting enough amount of rest.

If you will think and accept that this is only normal, you may find the situation getting worse as time passes by. If you will allow this to happen, you may be surprised one day that you can no longer do anything to cure it on your own but instead, you have to resort to expensive medications and you may even be required to undergo surgical procedures.

Some of the causes of this disorder include obesity, enlarged tonsils, old age, high blood pressure, vices like smoking and alcohol and family history. You have to take the matter seriously. If you have to conduct brief research about the topic, do it and do it fast. You need to help yourself resolve the problem before it gets too complicated to handle. This may cause your other ailments like heart problems and high blood pressure to get worse.

This disorder happens more likely with men than on women. And this occurs at people who are 65 years or older. Women become more prone to get this disorder after menopause or when they get too much excess fats and become overweight.
You must not ignore sleep apnea. You have to act on it while you still can. You can consult dental professionals about how they can help you in this regard.

You can also try to improve your condition by keeping your body fit, healthy and strong.


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